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Crystal and Boardman Rivers running high

by Mike Sutherland on March 23, 2012

This photo was taken last summer when the Crystal River was running around 25 cubic feet per second.  (cfs).  I floated the Crystal this past weekend and it was running around 110 or so.  Look at the photo and imagine the water level right around Maddie’s ears!  Big difference!
There were several unplanned portages above these culverts (Brammers), trees down from the storm of the century.  The National Park normally clears the
River every spring but until they do, expect a few soakers.  The Crystal is clear below Brammers to the Grist Mill and four more portages to Lake Michigan.  I recommend putting in above Brammers and finishing in Glen Arbor. 
The Boardman River is a mess above Sabin Dam, (don’t go up there) and gorgeous below all the way to West Bay. 
So lets get you out on the water!  Get outdoors and make some memories.

Mike Sutherland

Mike Sutherland

Mike Sutherland was born and reborn in the woods of Glen Arbor and deeply respects the spirit of the outdoors. You can check his bio on the guide page and find his blogs on most early mornings throughout the seasons.

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