What is clash royale and how to play this game?

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clash royale tips

It is a multiplayer game, fast paced game and in this game the main goal is collect the clash troops and use them as weapon for fighting our enemy’s towers.

Game play

Playing of clash royale is the enjoy full one by the players and in that game may have many levels that not exceeds thirteen. Each level is a very joyful to play and the players in the clash royale will get the bonus from each level. In the beginning of the game each players have 4cards. What purpose the cards can be used is to attack the opponents and the cards are saved in the place called “Deck’. Many players can play the game simultaneously. The players need to defeat more number of towers than the opponent which grants the reward named as “crown” victory. Also the same reward goes to the player who is defeating the opponent’s king’s towers. A new card is needed by the players are performs by drawing the cards by their hands.

The clash royale provides the gems at the starting of the play and then the player needs to earn the gems while playing the game. The purchasing of gems is used by the normal money like real-world money after the purchasing of gems, it is very useful for playing and more powers are improved to defeat the opponent. Basically the gems are the entities that are used to buy the gold’s, chests and cards from the online store. When a multiplayer game result is announced, the winning player must obey a “Chest”. After that the chest is locked, they want to recover the chest first and they wait for particular amount of time to unblock that.

The chests are classified into 5 ways

(i) Golden

(ii) Silver



(v) Epic, these are the entire chests user by the players.

The players can run the game by various areas and the battle between the two or more opponents in clash royale is the best thing. It consists of 10 different areas that not includes with training camp and they forms as a clans that are mostly like friends to battle with each other. Clan’s members communicate help full for one another by using donate or request cards and that doesn’t affect the chests and trophies.

For the upcoming of this game can have additional features are added together that is tournament level. The gems are the entities to develop the tournaments.

Rules and regulations:

The clash royale has various conditions that are applicable for all players who are participate in the game.

  • The troop cards are used by the players are limited.
  • In one time the player’s only holds the chests as 4 at one time.
  • While playing the game, if the participant need for chests that are freely provided for every 4hours only.
  • End of the day the player has the opportunity to win the crown chest by claiming the “10 claims” by the players.

 Normally hacking is possible in all games, in the clash royale cheats, they will take different control of COC characters and it is also helpful to win the game.